The Team

Paul Crewdson, Head of Business
Email: paul.crewdson@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Paul joined in December 1990 as Business Manager, progressing to Sales Manager in 1998. In 2008 he became our Head of Business.


Simon Allen, General Sales Manager
Email: simon.allen@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Simon began in 1997 as a Valeter, moving to the Sales team as a trainee. Progressing through Transaction Manager from 2005, Simon became Sales Manager in 2010.

Simon is supported by:

Stephen Ellwood, Used Car Sales Manager Email: stephen.ellwood@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

John Gow, Renewals Specialist Email: john.gow@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Matthew Allen, Senior Sales Executive & Sports Specialist Email: matthew.allen@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Ashley Chadwick, Senior Sales Executive Email: ashley.chadwick@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Daniel Barnes, Sales Executive Email: daniel.barnes@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Ben Sheridan, Sales Executive Email: ben.sheridan@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Ross Bright, Sales Executive Email: ross.bright@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Chris Ellison-Newton, Sales Executive

Alex Crewdson, Product Specialist Email: alex.crewdson@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Samuel Philipson, Trainee Business Sales Specialist

Esther Lambert, Sales & Finance Administrator

Kathryn Atkinson, Sales Administrator

Aaron Bateman, Centre Logistics/Quality Co-ordinator

Jodie Watkins, Meeter Greeter

Rachael Kleian, Meeter Greeter

Andrew Lawrance, Meeter Greeter



Mike Butler, Aftersales Manager
Email: mike.butler@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Starting as an Apprentice Technician in the 1980's, Mike has progressed through Technician, Service Manager, and in 2012 became our Aftersales Manager.

Mike is supported by:

John Newell, Customer Service Manager Email: john.newell@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Chris Hogg, Service Advisor Email: chris.hogg@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Fiona Baxendale, Service Advisor Email: fiona.baxendale@lakedistrictaudi.co.uk

Lauren Gleadow, Service Advisor 

Charlotte Wragg, Service Advisor

Clare Robinson, Service Advisor

Katy Edmondson, Trainee Service Advisor

Angus Gibson, Service Administrator

Nicola Mitchinson, Warranty Administrator

Michaela Bent, Trainee Warranty Administrator


Warren Tilsley, Workshop Manager

Paul Wood, Master Technician

Sean Lockwood, Master Technician

Shane Sephton, MasterTechnician

Darryl Mellor, Qualified Technician

David Hogg, Service Technician

David Keeley, Service Technician

Paul Coleman, Service Technician

Dominic Wood, Service Technician

Jeffrey Rawcliffe, Service Technician

Philip Burrell, Service Technician

James Wright, Technician

Karl Jones, Technician

Luke Thompson, Apprentice Technician

Coby Hargan, Apprentice Technician

Mike Bridson, Senior Valeter / Driver

Stewart Carr, Valeter / Driver

Richard Burch, Valeter / Driver

James Herdman, Valeter / Driver

Jack Butler, Audi Parts Advisor

Thomas Lee, Trainee Parts Advisor




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