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Finance Options Explained

Audi finance made simple

Finance doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re unsure what Representative APR means, or you want to know the difference between Personal Contract Hire and a Personal Contract Plan, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll also find details about tax free sales, which could allow you to buy a new car without having to pay tax if you intend to drive it outside the UK.

Solutions PCP - Audi, with added flexibility.

A Solutions Personal Contract Plan is all about choice, beginning with how much of a deposit you’d like to pay upfront. Then tell us many miles you will drive per year - and for how long you’d like the agreement to run.

We’ll then work out your monthly payments, as well as one optional final payment. At the end of the contract you can then decide whether to: return the car; trade it for a new one; or own the car outright.

How it works

Once you have chosen your vehicle you just need to make a few simple decisions at the start:


  • Pay your deposit, which can be made up of part-exchange or cash and can be as little as the value of one repayment

Your repayment period

  • Choose any period between 18 to 49 months its completely up to you.

Mileage per year

  • Decide your annual mileage

Optional final payment

  • Lower your repayments by setting aside an amount to the end of your agreement (the optional final payment)

At the end of your agreement you have three options:

  1. If you fancy a change you can simply part exchange your car for a different Audi on a new Solutions contract
  2. If you love your Audi you can pay the option to purchase fee and the optional final payment then take full ownership of the vehicle
  3. If you don't want to upgrade or keep it, as long as it's been loved, you can simply give it back. (fees may be payable)

Important information to consider

  • It is important that you keep up to date with your monthly repayments, so please contact us if you are having any difficulties as the vehicle maybe at risk if you don’t
  • You may end your agreement earlier than the full term. However, depending how far you are in to your agreement will affect the final amount left to pay
  • If you exceed agreed mileage at the start of your agreement and intend to return the vehicle then excess mileage charges will apply
  • Keep the vehicle in good condition as this will affect the value of the vehicle. You may be charged for any damage that goes beyond fair wear and tear.

Hire purchase - I want to own my Audi at the end of my agreement

Hire Purchase is a simple and straightforward way to finance your Audi

If you're set on buying your Audi, you have the option to finance it during a period that suits you. If you break it down into monthly payments over time, it's much more manageable than you might think. And our fixed interest rates mean you'll know exactly what you're paying from the start.

Once you have chosen your Audi and decided on your deposit, you just need to make one decision that will affect your monthly payments:

Your repayment period

  • Choose any repayment period between 12 and 60 months.

At the end of your agreement

  • Once you have paid all repayments and the option to purchase fee, the vehicle is yours to keep.

Important information to consider

  • Ownership of the vehicle will remain with Audi Financial Services until you have paid both the option to purchase fee and all monthly payments.
  • It is really important that you keep up to date with your monthly repayments so please contact us if you are having any difficulties as the vehicle may be at risk if you don’t.

Contract Hire - The simple way to drive an Audi.

Contract Hire lets you drive a new Audi without the need to own it. Simply decide on your initial rental, which can be as little as one monthly rental. Then tell us how many miles you drive each year and how long you want to lease the vehicle for. We’ll then work out your monthly rental.

Once you have paid all monthly rental, you simply hand your vehicle back (subject to fair wear and tear and excess mileage charges).

Some Key Terms Explained

Representative APR

APR stands for the Annual Percentage Rate. The Representative APR indicates the annual costs applied to your loan (including not just the rate of interest but also any fees). All lenders have to calculate the APR in the same way, making it a reliable way to compare the costs of different loans.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and is a way of indicating the amount of interest you will have to pay over a year.

Optional Final Payment

Some finance types give you a future value your car will be worth at the end of your finance agreement, this is called the optional final payment or guaranteed future value and it does just that. By giving you protection that your vehicle will be worth this amount as a minimum at the end of your finance term.

Finance Equity

Equity is the value of your financial interest in a vehicle, calculated by subtracting the amount of the loan you have yet to pay off from the overall price of your car. If the actual value of your car exceeds the car’s guaranteed minimum future value, the extra money is equity that can be used as a deposit on your next car.

Early Settlement

Early Settlement is the termination of a finance agreement by paying all monies outstanding before the lease end date. When settling early it is important to note you could be liable for additional interest charges.